Madness I Say!

Well, it has been 1 year and 2 days since my last confession. I am finally creating art again and that has led me back to the blog. The path from there to here was not peaceful or intended – it was more off a twisted ankle leads to rolling down a steep and rock-strewn hill and then crash landing in WordPress with multiple contusions and a bad attitude.

Kick out the jams!

Ladies and gentlemen… Tomorrow, May 24th, the Rock Show opens at Blue Line Arts and I have two of my drawings included in the exhibit – punk legends Patti Smith and Henry Rollins This is going to be a really fun show! The Opening Reception in June 15th, the week after my solo show reception. Unfortunately, I have the 2nd part of my periodontics surgery scheduled on the Wednesday

History of Life

Show postcard. Want one? Shoot me your address! I finally stopped with the watercolors a couple weeks ago and started the oh so glamorous process of matting and framing all the pieces for my upcoming solo show. I’ve mentioned the show right? Yes, well I am kicking to-do list ass up in here, up in here. Earworm. You’re welcome. As you can see, I finally decided on a title

Again with the words…

Well I finished my video game. There may have been tears – but you have no proof, so move along! There was a huge twist, a couple shocking and painful betrayals, and then an amazing ending that leaves you chomping at the bit for the next installment of the game! A quick google search assured me that it is in the works, although I didn’t watch the recently released


::insert some David Bowie here – play ridiculously loud:: So. It looks like color is slowly coming back to my creative mix. After what feels like a year of working in primarily black and white and avoiding paint brushes, here I am painting – with watercolors no less! Strange days indeed. I am definitely in the midst of a shift. The video game I have been immersed in is

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