Saturday afternoon I had Chris pull down the boxes of Christmas decorations. Oh the joy of a small Santa hat and some jingle bells!!




Do you see this pretty girl here? This big girl?

Well as you’ve probably already heard, she finally FINALLY went potty on the toilet yesterday! I had an art class from 11am-4pm (more about that later!) and Chris decided she was gonna spend the day commando in hopes of making some progress on that whole potty-training thing. And it worked. Mad props to him! But he wasn’t the one promised all the goodies when she finally went on the potty. His mistake. We now own Erin ballet lessons, enrollment in pre-school, and a Nintendo DS!

dayum. That girl was holding out for the big ticket items.


This is a test

July 11, 2010

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No. Really. I’m adding this YouTube video as reseach for my job. It’s to help a client.



Oh holy crap!

December 19, 2009

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The other day I ran across a version of Oh Holy Night that was so bloody awful it was a thing of beauty. Tears were streaming down my face it was that good bad <– exactly.

Well, this morning around 5:30 AM I realized that I had that song stuck in my head. And I was re-writing the lyrics. And I could not stop. So I had to get up and write them down. I then was able to fall happily asleep again.

It’s now after 9:00 PM and I’m finally sitting at my computer. And what do I see scribbled on the notebook before me?

Oh holy crap!
The days are quickly dwindling
only six days till our dear Savior’s birth!
I’m not ready, no final preparations
I need to shop and what are we going to eat?
To stores, to stores, the crowded parking lots
I dread them all, I can not find a spot!

Fall on the couch
Oh hear my arches screaming
The crap, the crap
that I have bought to fill stockings
The crap, the crap
That I bought for Christmas morn

And this is why I try to ignore the voices in my head. Merry Christmas.


Keeping it in the family

October 5, 2009

Tonight I have to drive down to Vox Sac and pick up my photographs. Yes, my month of fame and wished-for-fortune is over. However, I have another task to attend to at Vox tonight and I’m not going down there alone. Kyle and I will be hanging his photographs for the Oct Children’s Art Show! That’s right, […]

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things I adore…

September 19, 2009

This is so flippin’ funny!! **warning: Adult Content** Legend of Neil, Season 2, Ep. 3 — The Musical Funny Videos | Spoofs | Legend of Neil And if you don’t “get it” and have never played Zelda, well, as Kyle would say -“You don’t know the Joy!” Much thanks to the Bloggess and her […]

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