The 4th of July was on a Wednesday this year. So this was the first time in years we didn’t spend the holiday in Santa Cruz. We hung our new flag, Chris made abalone, we introduced Erin to sparklers and lit fireworks in the street. A fine day despite the lack of ocean breezes. Erin definitely approved of the sparklers!


July 5th. Thursday means more swimming lessons! This was Erin’s last week of her 5pm “Duck” classes and the start of her next session as an “Alligator”. This next session is Tues/Thurs at 2pm for a month. So twice last week she had 2 lessons in one day. That made for a mighty tired little swimmer!

Alligator time20120708-202713.jpg

A little TV between classes20120708-204751.jpg

And back to the pool!20120708-204806.jpg
July 6th. Friday. Not having to be anywhere until 2:30 when I have to pick Kyle up from summer school (I still don’t want to talk about that!), I ended up spending the day shooting photos for the next series I’m working on. Shot mostly digital, but did break out the Hasselblad *and* the Polaroid!

Proof of Polaroids20120708-204829.jpg

Took a shot of the flag with the Polaroid. This is the negative!20120708-202358.jpg

And again at the pool. Last day as a Duck.20120708-202338.jpg
July 7th. Saturday errands included Chris, Erin, and I going to the art supply store. Chris needed supplies for boat repairs, I needed some vine charcoal and Cont√© crayons for a on-line drawing class I’m taking. And Erin wanted it all!

What she got was some modeling clay. This stuff rocks!20120708-202407.jpg

Chris also picked up a proper flag pole on one of his many trips to Lowes20120708-202431.jpg

Erin being silly20120708-202438.jpg

and sillier…20120708-202455.jpg

Kyle… well, who knows what he is doing…20120708-202752.jpg

And a picture Chris took of me and the flag to send to my dad20120708-202656.jpg::waves::

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Hells bells. As I mentioned in this post from my website, I have a new job!  Entry Level Self Promotion. yay me.

However, as you can see from my freshly vacuumed floors and the start of another zombie apocalypse blog post, I am in avoidance mode. It must be time to write Artist Statements and emails with newsletter invites. gah.

But first let me tell you about my weekend!

We went to Santa Cruz. It was cold and perfect. I didn’t do any of the work I had assigned myself, but painted and took pictures. Let me show them to you!

We drove by the beach.

And we went downtown where I saw this:

and bought these:

I really should get to my to-do list.

Erin had a good time with the Ubers:

One more just because.

Erin making faces while Grandma tries to take her picture.

And typical driving home behavior:

There are more, so many more, but I have a mat to re-cut. And then maybe some lunch! Then the to-do list. Really.

Oh yeah, scroll back up to the top of the sidebar and sign up for my newsletter!

There. Earning my pay.