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September 1, 2013

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wow. August kinda rocked! Between an really fun August project for True Free Spirit and the Visual Quest course work, I finished 3 canvases and several paintings in my journal!

This is the TFS  “primitive” painting that is also my donation for the ‘2013 Artists For The Cure‘ fundraiser.

Mixed-media on 10″x10″ wood panel.

And then a background I had started for another “primitive” TFS painting took a Visual Quest of its own and became this:

Acrylic on 11″x14″ wood panel.

A couple pages from the art journal:

And finally my finished painting for Visual Quest!

Mixed-media on 30″x30″ wood panel. Sorry the image quality is so poor. If only I knew a photographer.

So yeah, a fun month of creative flow! Let’s hope I can keep it going through September.

To help with that (and because I must have bumped my head again) I decided to try the 29 Faces Challenge. Yeah, basically I’m going to attempt to make 29 faces in 30 days. And that could happen. But you are also “supposed” to create a blog post each day with your Face. Well we all know that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe a weekly update. Or Instagram! That’s doable.

Since I didn’t find out about this fun little project until today, I submit the self-portrait sketch I did on Friday. This is for the first project in my Printmaking class.

28 to go.



So, let’s re-cap. My baby boy is 16. My spring semester has started and it is already kickin’ my ass. More on that later. I currently have art work in 2 group exhibits with a benefit show coming up at the end of the month. 2013 has been pretty exciting eventful exhausting so far.

I am taking a quick break between to-do lists to show you my results for the True Free Spirit class’s January project. This post showed you the beginnings of my first piece and a digital painting. Here is the finished 9×12″ piece:

Damn. There is a lot going on in th0se mere 108 square inches!

I also downloaded a new iPad app, Procreate, and made this:

And as much as I said I love the ArtRage app, this one is far more user friendly and has some fun textures. And between the 2, I can RULE THE WORLD!!

ahem   //smoothes skirt, sits back down

And then I jumped on a chance to donate another “heart” themed piece for the Hearts for the Art Benefit on Feb 26th. Why? Because I have obviously suffered a severe blow to the head. Having already ear-marked the only pieces I had that referenced the heart to the BodyTribe show, I was left having to create something new. So in an attempt to make things just a wee bit easier for myself, I decided to loosely recreate my True Free Spirit girl on an unfinished 20×24″ canvas. And that worked out swimmingly!

No muss, no fuss. Just need to build another frame for it and it is ready to go.

And as much as I would like to start the February project, I have a painting for my Illustration class due in 2 weeks! Back to the to-do list…


Last summer I took an on-line drawing class to keep busy between school semesters. I  think I started to tell you about it here, but got a bit side tracked. ahem. Anyways, the on-line class was great! I loved the daily assignments (without a grade or anyone even caring if you did it or not! HolyFreedomIOnlyAnswerToMyselfJoy!!) and learning new techniques and using art supplies that I don’t usually employ. It was fun and I rediscovered the joy of sketching. A thin-tipped pen for scratching lines is my favorite and my best! You can see all my drawings and doodles in this flickr set here. fun!

I knew at some point I would take another on-line class and that time is now. A year long class with a new project each month. sweet. The artist/instructor is Mindy Lacefield, whose style I have admired since seeing her artwork at Lisa’s house last year. And yes, this is me moving even further out of what is “normal” for me. I actually bought… <whisper>glitter paints</whisper>.


I know, I don’t even know me anymore.

Anyways, we have our first project up and it is a True Free Spirit girl – an example of which you can see in the link above for Mindy. I bought a 9×12″ panel and laid down the first layer of ephemera last Sunday.

Of course I offset the girly-nature of this painting with a photocopy of skulls from the catacombs that just happened to be on my desk. You also balance girly-painting by playing Assassin’s Creed II – in which you get to run around in the catacombs in 15th century Florence! (and then kill that bastard traitor Francesco de’ Pazzi!)

Then I started painting. And may I just say that those Sharpie Paint Pens are pretty damn cool. Here is where I left things. No comment on the sparkles.

And because I spent an exhausting day assassinating Templars and didn’t get to work on my painting, I attempted a True Free Spirit girl on my iPad with the ArtRage app after dinner Monday night.

Man, that is a lot of pink! What is not shown is the many many layers of “paint” that I applied to my digital canvas. I’m still not using that app to its full potential. But my new brush stylus that Santa brought me rocks!

After a rather gory dream Tuesday night, I skipped the video game yesterday and focused on painting my girl’s face. That. Was. Hard. I spent the whole morning working on an area the size of a chocolate chip cookie.

mmm… cookies…

I left things yesterday in mock-up mode trying to balance out the background. Let’s see what happens after a bit of lunch.

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