hells bells

How did that happen?! I swear I was still writing August on things when suddenly it was October! What even happened in September?!

::consults Facebook wall::

oh. right. September was full of crazy – good and bad – and it flew by. Everyone was back in school – here is photo proof:



And then there was the headache week from hell that ended with me getting shots in my butt on Day 6. Day 6!! damn. But to spin a positive from all that pain, I did create a couple more pieces of ‘migraine’ art.

A Day 4 painting:


And a Day 6 photo became a drypoint that I’m still working on:


Of course that was the end of my 29Faces run. That week really wiped me out!

The next weekend had me and Kyle in San Mateo for the 2-day tournament that starts the fall volleyball season. Always fun. And then Ericfish and John came to visit! And that was more fun! And then, just like that, is was October. so yeah. September was a blur and it’s already the 11th! The Halloween decorations have been up for over a week, and its time to think costumes. Someone wants to be a bat.*


* with over 2 weeks to go, this will most likely change.  I think she should goes as Pig-Pen. 1st grade Erin is the dirtiest Erin yet. And did you hear her snort?




So we consulted our calendars and cross-referenced the 7-day weather forecast and determined that this past Monday was the best day to go to the California State Fair. Chris left work early, I picked up Erin from Summer Camp, hats were donned, and off we went.

First up: Fine Art Exhibit to check out my pieces and all the other entries.


Me and my muse:


And then it was off to see the animals and all the things Erin could ride. Like this bear:


And a racehorse! She wasn’t too happy way up there.

The petting zoo more than made up for that.

And riding a real horse!


After checking out all the animals, we hit the midway. I don’t think she had as much fun as I did on the Tilt-o-Whirl, but she liked the jeep.


And then rode another horse:


And the swings!


A well deserved ice cream break in the shade:


And then the giant slide with dad!

We took a tour around CalExpo on the monorail before a final spin on the ferris wheel with dad!


Great day!


Saturday afternoon I had Chris pull down the boxes of Christmas decorations. Oh the joy of a small Santa hat and some jingle bells!!




Maybe drinking coffee first thing in the morning is not the smartest way to start my day. I mean really, why do I want to be AWAKE while suffering through the Nick Jr offerings on a Saturday morning. And of course Erin love love loves! Dora and Diego. gah. Dora makes me feel stabby. Diego is a little more bearable. But every damn time I hear that Rescue Pack song, I think of Eighties by Killing Joke. Someone needs to do one of those mash-ups that are all the rage lately.

But not me. Franklin is boring me back to sleep. Yay!


This is a test

July 11, 2010

No. Really. I’m adding this YouTube video as reseach for my job. It’s to help a client. Doubters.

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You Gotta Have Art

January 12, 2010

miles and miles and miles of art… or at least a couple 6×6 inch tiles! I’ve broken out the Mod Podge, stamps, and tissue paper and have been creating. It feels good to get out from behind the camera for awhile and make something with my hands.   “I cooking.”

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