I love my kids. Really…

We moved Kyle into the dorm at Sac State (California State Univ-Sacramento) yesterday (happy dances for everyone!) and yes, I am taking all the credit for this monumental occasion. And I don’t even care how that sounds.

I have gotten a lot of things accomplished these last 8 months, but nothing took more of my psychic energy than Kyle. The stress that kid put me through caused full-on panic attacks, more sleep-less nights than I can count, and it has taken quite a toll on me mentally and physically.

There were several times earlier this year that I tried to write a post about all the shit going on, but I was unable to get past the second sentence. There was just too much and I wasn’t ready to share it on this or any other social media platform. I still don’t feel like suffering the  carpel-tunnel that I would inevitably get trying to write about “all the things”. But let me tell you the story of Kyle. Kyle, whose graduation ceremony was on a Thursday night and we didn’t know if he would even graduate until Monday afternoon of that week!

Let’s let that sink in. The child almost did not graduate.

Because of his math class. Where he never turned in any of his homework. Classic (and stupid) story of a smart boy who gets A’s on all his tests, F’s on the all the homework assignments, and then gets a C in all his classes.  Go ahead, bang you head on your desk. Why do you think I have so many damn headaches?!

So the second half of May, after somehow surviving my semester from hell, was the stressed out nag-a-thon to get Kyle to finish up and turn in all the missing homework packs. “Kyle, you should start working on that math” “I will” “Kyle, you only have two weeks, get on it!” “I know. I got it.” “KYLE!” “I will” and on and on until my head exploded.

But he graduated! And he was accepted to Sac State. I took a brief 5 minutes to bask in his graduation glory and then shifted focus to the college admissions to-do list. Anyone who has a kid in college knows that there are no less that five thousand and two hoops that must be jumped through before admission is finalized. Miss a dead-line and your hosed. Not sure that Kyle even knows how to use a calendar, I made sure shit got done. Took my laptop to class with me that morning the housing application window opened. FAFSA, FERPA, I did it all.

So sure, throw some credit to Kyle. He is smart, got good SAT and ACT test scores, and is where he should be. And Chris certainly deserves mad props too. But today I’m gonna stand here and yell “ME!” because I worked my ass off this year. And dropping this kid at the dorm was a big fucking deal!

Photo Aug 28, 2 55 55 PM

My work here is done. Kick ass at college Kyle!



It is Halloween and I spent the morning listening to Kyle complain about how uncomfortable thong underwear is. wow. They really do grow up so fast.

So, to try and erase the images of him and his teammates at last night’s costumed volleyball practice – sports bra and thongs oh my – I have been clicking through my computer files looking for cute and innocent pics of Halloween past.

I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, but ran across this series of images from our Florida trip in 2012.

_MG_5796 _MG_5799 _MG_5800_MG_5801_MG_5802 _MG_5806


Sure, it has nothing to do with Halloween, but it made me smile. I mean really, who hasn’t wanted to chase Kyle around with a big stick!


My semester is over this week. 2 days of critiques and them I am done until fall. Free to focus on painting, volleyball tournaments, and swim lessons!

Speaking of painting, I haven’t gotten to do much these past couple weeks as I’ve been  finishing up the  triptychs for class. But I am still in Mindy’s year-long True Free Spirit class, starting a week-long Gelli Print class today with Carla Sonheim, and wish wish wish I could take this class with Mindy and Alena Hennessey.

But before I go clicking any more ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, let’s go back to that second sentence up there. Volleyball tournaments. Yes, plural tournaments. In fact there are 3!! June 13-17 has Kyle and I in Anaheim for the SCVA Jr. Boys Classic. Then 2 weeks later we go to Reno for USAV Junior National Championships (also known as the Junior Olympics!) And that is the end of the NCVC club season. But Kyle went and got himself a position on the NCVA High Performance team and is going to Ft Lauderdale at the end of July for the USA Volleyball High Performance Championship. USA Volleyball!  And just so you know what that is all about, from the NCVA website:

Region High Performance Programs are the local branches of the USAV National High Performance Pipeline. The goals of Region Programs are the same as the National HP Program: to build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our U.S. Olympic Teams and provide player developmentthrough training, evaluation, and competition opportunities. Region HP Programs are another way that USA Volleyball discovers and trains our future Olympians, working to continue our presence on the medal stand.

So yeah, kinda a big deal! And as much as I would love to watch Kyle playing against international teams (last years team came in 2nd to Cuba!), I will not be going to Florida with him. We’re gonna put him on a plane and then let the team chaperones take over. This summers volleyball is really putting a dent in my art class/supplies/saving for a Mom-erati piggy bank!

Oh wait! Before we start gearing up for all the club events, Kyle’s school team is still playing. They won the CIF Sections last week and tomorrow night is the quarter-finals of NORCALS! I have been assured that even if they take the whole thing, it will all be over on Saturday. I have my doubts that it will ever end…

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Remember these kids?

Christmas 2008

Hells bells. Kyle was just a baby! And look at how short Erin’s hair was. crazy.
And there is our old cat Bodhifattba!

And while putting together the slideshow for the Uber’s 50th anniversary party I found these pics from 2009. Apparently that was the year no one wore shirts!

Summer 2009

And now?
Today Kyle is 16. And he doesn’t want me taking his picture.

Maybe because I do things like this:

And this:

But he’s okay taking selfies in my bathroom mirror!

I see how it is.

I managed to get this pic last weekend. Kyle is the big one.




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