I might be insane

Hell’s bells.

I am avoiding something.

I think it might be something big.

And probably ugly.

Yesterday I spent the day playing video games after a long break. Today I am giving my website a complete make-over. I typically clean when I am in avoidance mode, so this is atypical and disturbing behavior. I’m dealing with code for fuck sake! And yes, I am positive there will be more swearing.

I think I am supposed to be writing. I started something a couple months ago and then let it fall to the side. It’s going to be another brain-fuck so I’m guessing that is the hesitation to pick it back up. I do not want a repeat of the mental state I found myself in last year at this time. It took me well into the summer to recover. And yes, I’m being a bit vague because I never did talk about any of that on this site. In a nut shell: a research paper on adoption for an english class coupled with the stress of getting Kyle graduated and into college broke my brain. But I think I really need to get this family stuff out of my head and onto paper (can’t afford a shrink right now) as I find myself over-sharing with random strangers.

hi. let me tell you about my fucked up family history.


So. Go check out the new shiny zoot suit I put on my website! And the previously named “Freeway Project”? It’s still progressing but at a glacial pace. This semester’s Fiber Arts class is giving my a lot of ideas as to how to deal with the sculptural elements of the project. In the meantime, Erin and I are weaving.














I opened up WordPress this morning to make a small change to my sidebar and then I was going to be on my merry way. But look! A comment on my last post! I’ll make a quick reply. Done. Happy. Now let’s get outta here and – wait. What is that?!

There! At the bottom of my post. Under those silly (but intentional – as in I remember adding that plug-in to my site) “Post to” buttons. Where the hell did those “You might also like…” links come from?? Sure, I’ve seen them on other sites. Might have added them myself to design jobs. But I have never seen them on my site before?? Have they always been there? Was the plug-in added and then somehow in the last week activated without my knowledge??

Elves? Sleep-coding? You never know… there has been a lot of Nyquil consumed this past week.

But while I was trying to wrap my head around how this happened (my head hurts and I haven’t had my second cup of coffee so I could very well be hallucinating the whole thing!) – I clicked one of the links.

Floor and Water… Doh!

A post from January 31, 2008 about making my dad’s Beans and Dumplings. Not only were my heart-strings tugged, but my stomach started to growl. The Plug-in is staying.  And I’m wondering if a couple of those ham-steaks will work…



My semester is over this week. 2 days of critiques and them I am done until fall. Free to focus on painting, volleyball tournaments, and swim lessons!

Speaking of painting, I haven’t gotten to do much these past couple weeks as I’ve been  finishing up the  triptychs for class. But I am still in Mindy’s year-long True Free Spirit class, starting a week-long Gelli Print class today with Carla Sonheim, and wish wish wish I could take this class with Mindy and Alena Hennessey.

But before I go clicking any more ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, let’s go back to that second sentence up there. Volleyball tournaments. Yes, plural tournaments. In fact there are 3!! June 13-17 has Kyle and I in Anaheim for the SCVA Jr. Boys Classic. Then 2 weeks later we go to Reno for USAV Junior National Championships (also known as the Junior Olympics!) And that is the end of the NCVC club season. But Kyle went and got himself a position on the NCVA High Performance team and is going to Ft Lauderdale at the end of July for the USA Volleyball High Performance Championship. USA Volleyball!  And just so you know what that is all about, from the NCVA website:

Region High Performance Programs are the local branches of the USAV National High Performance Pipeline. The goals of Region Programs are the same as the National HP Program: to build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our U.S. Olympic Teams and provide player developmentthrough training, evaluation, and competition opportunities. Region HP Programs are another way that USA Volleyball discovers and trains our future Olympians, working to continue our presence on the medal stand.

So yeah, kinda a big deal! And as much as I would love to watch Kyle playing against international teams (last years team came in 2nd to Cuba!), I will not be going to Florida with him. We’re gonna put him on a plane and then let the team chaperones take over. This summers volleyball is really putting a dent in my art class/supplies/saving for a Mom-erati piggy bank!

Oh wait! Before we start gearing up for all the club events, Kyle’s school team is still playing. They won the CIF Sections last week and tomorrow night is the quarter-finals of NORCALS! I have been assured that even if they take the whole thing, it will all be over on Saturday. I have my doubts that it will ever end…

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So, let’s re-cap. My baby boy is 16. My spring semester has started and it is already kickin’ my ass. More on that later. I currently have art work in 2 group exhibits with a benefit show coming up at the end of the month. 2013 has been pretty exciting eventful exhausting so far.

I am taking a quick break between to-do lists to show you my results for the True Free Spirit class’s January project. This post showed you the beginnings of my first piece and a digital painting. Here is the finished 9×12″ piece:

Damn. There is a lot going on in th0se mere 108 square inches!

I also downloaded a new iPad app, Procreate, and made this:

And as much as I said I love the ArtRage app, this one is far more user friendly and has some fun textures. And between the 2, I can RULE THE WORLD!!

ahem   //smoothes skirt, sits back down

And then I jumped on a chance to donate another “heart” themed piece for the Hearts for the Art Benefit on Feb 26th. Why? Because I have obviously suffered a severe blow to the head. Having already ear-marked the only pieces I had that referenced the heart to the BodyTribe show, I was left having to create something new. So in an attempt to make things just a wee bit easier for myself, I decided to loosely recreate my True Free Spirit girl on an unfinished 20×24″ canvas. And that worked out swimmingly!

No muss, no fuss. Just need to build another frame for it and it is ready to go.

And as much as I would like to start the February project, I have a painting for my Illustration class due in 2 weeks! Back to the to-do list…


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