I might be insane

Moving on to the next great freak out

June 20, 2012

So… art. shows. “coming in hot!” as a young Kyle screamed from the back seat one day many years ago. And for the record, that semi wasn’t barreling down on us that fast. But yes, I am again freaking out a bit stressed. I had to email my exhibit coordinator (oh my god!) at Viewpoint  […]

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Then the I-5 tried to kill me…

June 23, 2011

Of course. I finally make it home from the 4-day volleyball-fest, get caught up on my sleep, and the welcome-home-allergies I thought I was experiencing turns out to be a cold. It’s 93 degrees outside and I have a cold. This sucks. So Kyle had his first club volleyball tournament last weekend. He is on […]

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School daze

March 24, 2011

so… yeah… been busy. And not busy sitting on my butt watching George Clooney movies – not that there’s anything wrong with that! School busy. Turns out a Russian history class is rather time-consuming. I don’t mind all the reading because I like the subject, but those essays! ohmygod the pain. I don’t even want […]

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Winter break

January 24, 2011

What do ya mean where the hell have I been? We were on a break! And now we’re back. The spring semester started today. In addition to taking another photography class and lab, I’m taking  a “real” class: Russian History! Okay, all my previous classes where “real” too. What I mean is that I’m trying […]

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Do not feed the animals

December 13, 2010

yeeaaah… I just ran across this photo again while editing my flickr profile. The loverly Evil Jill took this photo last January on one of our Sacramento Flickr Group photo outings, and it cracks me the hell up. So I thought I would share. Merry Christmas!

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Commercial break

October 27, 2010

We interrupt this program to bring you a brief message from our sponsors: That’s right friends, more drug experiments! My favorite Dr. has made it his life mission to find a medication that will reduce the number of migraines I have each month. So again “we” are trying a new preventative drug and crossing our […]

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