Extreme Procrastinating

Hells bells. As I mentioned in this post from my website, I have a new job!  Entry Level Self Promotion. yay me. However, as you can see from my freshly vacuumed floors and the start of another zombie apocalypse blog post, I am in avoidance mode. It must be time to write Artist Statements and emails with newsletter invites. gah. But first let me tell you about my weekend!

I sold my husband on Ebay – cheap!

OK, that’s not entirely true. What is true is that I sold the photograph I had up at this month’s Vox show!  (Man, I love saying that!) Yep, that’s Chris, the reluctant model for one of the Utata Iron Photographer projects. And speaking of Utata, guess who is part of their new Code Ninja Strike Force? That’s right – me! And that is their title, not mine – these are

Life as a statistic

And it comes to this… I am now officially unemployed. An innocent victim of corporate downsizing. /insert mild freak-out here/ 9 ½ years at Positron and now nothing. There isn’t even an office to go back and visit. Everything was packed up and moved out yesterday afternoon, basically leaving no physical evidence of where I spent a good part of each day for the past decade. And that is surreal

You take the good you take the bad

Last Monday I hit the ‘anger phase’ regarding my forthcoming job loss. And I’ve got to tell ya, I enjoy a low-grade petulance far more than being depressed! Nevertheless, all the ups and downs of the last two weeks are making me seasick But here is the really strange thing that I have been reluctant to talk about. As soon as I found out I was losing my job, things