Extreme Procrastinating

Hells bells. As I mentioned in this post from my website, I have a new job!  Entry Level Self Promotion. yay me. However, as you can see from my freshly vacuumed floors and the start of another zombie apocalypse blog post, I am in avoidance mode. It must be time to write Artist Statements and emails with newsletter invites. gah. But first let me tell you about my weekend!

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

I have a writing assignment to do tonight for my photography class. joy. We will be taking self-portraits for our next photo project and the professor is having us do a ‘Written Self Portrait’ to help us prepare for the photo. oh even better. Not only do I not enjoy writing (shut up Julie!),  but writing about myself is my least-favorite type of writing. But I think we all

What to do this weekend: IndieInk.org

Well, isn’t this a fine way to start a Friday! As a Featured Artist at IndieInk.org! Indie Ink is a non-profit independent literary and art collective and community of writers and artists who may not have been seen otherwise, but whose work is filled with such passion and spirit it demands to be seen. It is run by some of my favorite people on the internet and has featured