I opened up WordPress this morning to make a small change to my sidebar and then I was going to be on my merry way. But look! A comment on my last post! I’ll make a quick reply. Done. Happy. Now let’s get outta here and – wait. What is that?!

There! At the bottom of my post. Under those silly (but intentional – as in I remember adding that plug-in to my site) “Post to” buttons. Where the hell did those “You might also like…” links come from?? Sure, I’ve seen them on other sites. Might have added them myself to design jobs. But I have never seen them on my site before?? Have they always been there? Was the plug-in added and then somehow in the last week activated without my knowledge??

Elves? Sleep-coding? You never know… there has been a lot of Nyquil consumed this past week.

But while I was trying to wrap my head around how this happened (my head hurts and I haven’t had my second cup of coffee so I could very well be hallucinating the whole thing!) – I clicked one of the links.

Floor and Water… Doh!

A post from January 31, 2008 about making my dad’s Beans and Dumplings. Not only were my heart-strings tugged, but my stomach started to growl. The Plug-in is staying.  And I’m wondering if a couple of those ham-steaks will work…



damn this blog.

At least the zombie genre is still popular, cause this blog just won’t stay dead. And that’s not really what I want anyways, but what to do? Add to my general apathy to write anything (insert Social Media killed the Blog argument here), there is the issue of the name “elfini”. It feels over for me. It was a past life that doesn’t resonate anymore. Yet to change it isn’t the answer either. So I made a new banner. And got rid of a sidebar. There. New year, new look. Still nothing to say. So it goes.

But, since we aren’t ready to give up just yet, I will make an effort to post here more often. Something. Even if it is only pictures of Erin for the Uber-in-laws. Hey! Speaking of the Ubers – they are having their 50th wedding anniversary this month! That’s pretty damn awesome. And my job is to scan 50 years worth of photos for a slideshow. I scanned 36 pics this morning and have many many envelopes still to go. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

damn. This is making *me* feel old.

Look, Hobbits!

Aww, a six day old Chris! They called him "Kit". ??? And there is the mighty boxer Brutus. I think he wants to eat Kit!!

Yes, I think Chris could use a new pair of red overalls with white polka-dots too!

Brutus is all "Can I eat *this* one?!"

Well, I think that’s enough for today. Time for dinner. I’m thinking … BRAAAIIINS!


7 months later, it appears this blog has once again risen from the dead…


There have been a couple times these last few months when I thought about writing a post; Kyle’s 15th birthday, Easter (for the whole ”it has risen” thing and pics of Kyle being taken down by a 3yo with a squirt gun!), Erin’s 5th birthday, but today is the day! So, let’s catch up.

That new drug? After playing around with the dosage, I’ve found a balance that makes my migraines much more manageable and the side-effects minimal. So that is huge and has improved all our lives – cause it was getting bad people. Let’s file that in the “good news” column.

There were some holidays. Fun and merriment had by all.

In January we went to Florida to visit my parent and freeze our butts off at Disney World!

There were a bunch of birthdays. (Not mine. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss it!) Too much cake had by all.

It has just about been a whole school year since my last post. I have 2 semesters under my belt. Lots of good stuff there. Kyle has 3 weeks left of his first year of high school. And then 4 weeks of summer school. I don’t want to talk about it. ::glares at the “bad news” column::

Oh and I finished this today!

Well, I think that’s enough for today. Baby steps…

(and 2 of the fingers on my left hand are too tender to type anymore! #multiplestabwounds)


So, this here blog? elfini? It’s all Julie Tilsner’s fault.  4 years ago she said “Hey Dawn, you should start a blog!” And when Julie says “Jump”, I say “Fine… if you insist. But I’m not going to enjoy it.” And I think we all know how well this turned out.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Julie finally said “Hey Dawn, you should redesign my blog!” And I jumped up and down, said yes, and insisted she bail on the evil Typepad and migrate to WordPress.

And a word of advice here – do not get me started on Typepad and the Six Apart world. The seething raging hate!!

Luckily Julie bent to my will and is now happily hosting Bad Home Cooking on a spiffy new WordPress installation. And it looks something like this:

Now click the pretty picture and bask in the glory of the new and improved Bad Home Cooking! Same old funny wrapped in a shiny new package.


Cold Coding

May 24, 2010

or coding with a cold. Either way – don’t do it. Early last week Erin got sick and spent a night throwing up. It was … unpleasant. She had a slight fever the next day and then was fine. Of course, the following day Chris went down. He tried to drag me down with him, […]

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only mostly dead

May 13, 2010

Well. Apparently my lack of blog motivation knows no bounds. I have been taking classes. Making new art. Erin turned 3. We went to Disneyland. Brother-in-law was in a motorcycle accident… ::crickets:: Nothing. I felt that elfini has run it course and I was ready to put this little blog o’ mine out to pasture […]

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