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We moved Kyle into the dorm at Sac State (California State Univ-Sacramento) yesterday (happy dances for everyone!) and yes, I am taking all the credit for this monumental occasion. And I don’t even care how that sounds.

I have gotten a lot of things accomplished these last 8 months, but nothing took more of my psychic energy than Kyle. The stress that kid put me through caused full-on panic attacks, more sleep-less nights than I can count, and it has taken quite a toll on me mentally and physically.

There were several times earlier this year that I tried to write a post about all the shit going on, but I was unable to get past the second sentence. There was just too much and I wasn’t ready to share it on this or any other social media platform. I still don’t feel like suffering the  carpel-tunnel that I would inevitably get trying to write about “all the things”. But let me tell you the story of Kyle. Kyle, whose graduation ceremony was on a Thursday night and we didn’t know if he would even graduate until Monday afternoon of that week!

Let’s let that sink in. The child almost did not graduate.

Because of his math class. Where he never turned in any of his homework. Classic (and stupid) story of a smart boy who gets A’s on all his tests, F’s on the all the homework assignments, and then gets a C in all his classes.  Go ahead, bang you head on your desk. Why do you think I have so many damn headaches?!

So the second half of May, after somehow surviving my semester from hell, was the stressed out nag-a-thon to get Kyle to finish up and turn in all the missing homework packs. “Kyle, you should start working on that math” “I will” “Kyle, you only have two weeks, get on it!” “I know. I got it.” “KYLE!” “I will” and on and on until my head exploded.

But he graduated! And he was accepted to Sac State. I took a brief 5 minutes to bask in his graduation glory and then shifted focus to the college admissions to-do list. Anyone who has a kid in college knows that there are no less that five thousand and two hoops that must be jumped through before admission is finalized. Miss a dead-line and your hosed. Not sure that Kyle even knows how to use a calendar, I made sure shit got done. Took my laptop to class with me that morning the housing application window opened. FAFSA, FERPA, I did it all.

So sure, throw some credit to Kyle. He is smart, got good SAT and ACT test scores, and is where he should be. And Chris certainly deserves mad props too. But today I’m gonna stand here and yell “ME!” because I worked my ass off this year. And dropping this kid at the dorm was a big fucking deal!

Photo Aug 28, 2 55 55 PM

My work here is done. Kick ass at college Kyle!


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I See You…

But I can’t talk now. After all the fun of last week, and several days of headaches, I’ve fallen behind on my to-do list. I need to start the next chapter for class (and writing code is great for distracting your brain from thinking about unpleasant things!), make a photo cd for my dad, call my aunt, go to a counseling appt at the college tomorrow, prepare for a court date next Monday, and pack Kyle’s bags cause he is outta here on Wednesday!

So, I need to stay focused. Nose to the grind-stone and all that jazz. In the meantime, you can watch my twitter updates there on the left to monitor my mental health. If things start sounding dire, send mocha frappachinos!
I’m kinda brownied-out, but I still need caffiene.

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Spring Semester 08

Hey, look at me – I’m a college student. Again. How weird is that? And at a new school. Now that is not so unusual. In fact, there seems to be a pattern. With every move to a new town comes a new school for me to take a class or two at. God forbid I ever actually get my act together and need to submit all my transcripts. That would be a Herculean task. Chris has one. I, on the other hand, could possibly have dozens! I’m like a connoisseur of colleges. And when you request transcripts they like to know what year/s you attended. That’s funny. I can’t even tell you with any certainty what year I moved to California! That information requires a phone call to the Sain’t.

Anyways, today is the start of my semester. I’ve sharpened my Dixon-Ticonderogas, dusted off the Trapper-Keeper and had my Wheaties…


And I’ve got nowhere to go. And no specific time to be there.

Hmpf. On-line classes are a bit anticlimactic. I guess tonight I’ll log into the system, get my assignment, and participate in the discussion group where everyone will have to introduce themselves. Hmm, lack of public speaking is definitely a plus! On the other hand, I talked Cynthia into taking the class with me. It wasn’t hard. But it’s going to be tricky getting the desk next to her in the back row. How are we going to furtively pass notes to each other and spread rumors about Chad and Susie breaking up?!

p/s I weighed the textbook – its 5 lbs!