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January 30, 2014

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or not so much…

My printmaking class started this week so I’ve been thinking about what images I want to create. Since I am in the “advance” class – 40B, I can pretty much do what I want. And you must have picked up by now that that kind of artistic freedom can be kinda paralyzing for me.  Last semester we learned the following printmaking techniques: drypoint, collagraph, woodcut, and monotypes. And with each new assignment/technique, we were given a theme as a starting off point for our image. I played nicely within the given parameters and was pushed, learned a lot, and made some cool prints.

This time around? I need to write a brief proposal of what I plan to do this semester. What do I plan to do… what do I want to do? I know I want to make more monotypes. That’s kinda a no brainer. I definitely want to do another woodcut! Collagraphs were fun to create, but unless I have a flash of inspiration, I’m not that concerned with making another one. And drypoint… meh. Unless I come up with a really cool drawing, I could skip that too. Inking those plates is hard yo!

But since I knew today would be lecture for the 40A students and I didn’t have any other ideas fully fleshed out, I decided to work on the second drypoint I had started last semester. I never really got the plate to a finished state and I didn’t want to leave it hanging like so many knitting projects. So I was working on the plate when Nick (the instructor) came around the room to check in with everyone and see how their ideas/drawings were coming along. I told him my plan to finish last semester’s drypoint while I work on some ideas for new prints. He nodded and then asked me if I had considered combining printmaking and photography by printing a plate onto an actual photo.


Flashback to a year ago when Randy (my photography professor) suggested I combine my hand-painted negatives (Cliché verre – so like monotype printmaking!) with photo negatives when I do my Independent Study for Photography: Alt Processes.

And here I sit, 4 hours later, with my head spinning trying to figure out how to put these two things together. The same spinning wheels Randy had set in motion. And I still can’t quite see it. It’s not the technical “how” that is stumping me – that is easy – but what does the end result look like? What photo? And how do I change it with the print if the photo is already “complete”? Do I need to take new photos? (The answer is yes, but that has nothing to do with this specific problem.) Do I need to look at it is as a double exposure? Graffiti/vandalism? Adding elements? Blocking things out? ugh!

And I loath and love this place of complete frustration. I know that I will chew on this problem like a dog with a bone. I will lose sleep over it and make myself (and those around me) crazy until I figure it out. But when I do – it’ll be good!

I hope.

Raven collagraph

 “Raven” – collagraph



Oh. Em. Gee.

::kermit arms::


and all that “I should be freaking out” jazz!

Except I’m not really freaking out. Right now…

The Artist Reception for my very first solo show is tonight. This one:

So I’m heading out to get a pedicure and my hair done. A very nice way to spend the afternoon. My artist statement (you may have heard me mention that. ha!) is done. I just need to remember to bring it with me tonight. I have a new outfit thanks to the help of the amazing Evil Jill Matsuhiro! So what would have been my biggest stress of the day can now be saved up for tomorrow night! ha!

All the work of the past year and a half is done.

wow.  That’s kind of crazy isn’t it? A year and a half of blood, sweat, and tears went into 19 photographs on a gallery wall. Hours of being bent over the glass table shooting small things. Days upon days spent in the darkroom. Endless sleepless nights with my brain buzzing over an idea, the motivation, the words to describe the madness!

And Chris still loves me! So, I guess I’m good. See ya tonight!!

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So… art. shows. “coming in hot!” as a young Kyle screamed from the back seat one day many years ago. And for the record, that semi wasn’t barreling down on us that fast.

But yes, I am again freaking out a bit stressed. I had to email my exhibit coordinator (oh my god!) at Viewpoint  with the titles and prices for the show. Prices people! Poor Evil Jill and Chris. They took the brunt of the crazy Dawn on that issue. And the dust from that drama trauma had barely settled when I discovered this under upcoming shows on the Viewpoint website!

And then I passed out, hit my head, woke up thinking I was the Queen of Spain. Or something like that.

I’m really not sure the lead up to this show isn’t going to finally land me in the padded cell of my dreams.

In the meantime, I printed a new photograph for the Viewpoint Member Show in July. And the State Fair is next month too. That should distract me right?

Oh! If you weren’t playing along on Facebook, Kyle’s team won their bracket!! And placing higher in the final standing than those snooty 15-1’s.

#29 at the ready

Blocking. Like a boss!

NCVC 15-2's after winning their bracket. DEUCES!

Stay tuned for the next stop on this crazy train – my artist statement is due soon!


School daze

March 24, 2011

in I might be insane

so… yeah… been busy.

And not busy sitting on my butt watching George Clooney movies – not that there’s anything wrong with that! School busy. Turns out a Russian history class is rather time-consuming. I don’t mind all the reading because I like the subject, but those essays! ohmygod the pain. I don’t even want to talk about it. And apparently there is gonna be more writing in my future. Like the speech class isn’t terrible enough, I’m looking at having to take another English Comp class! WTH? I’m too old for this shit.

I met with a counselor this week to go over my transcripts and what I need for not only my AA, but to transfer to university. ugh. Now, I don’t mind having to take another History class, or even the Science/lab – but another writing class?! Short stories, poetry? Kill me now. Oh, and I need to take a sculpture class for the AA in Art! blah. But since I’m slow-boating this degree business, looks like I’ll get to stay at Sierra another year or two. If I only take 1 “unpleasant” class a semester, and I have like 5 more… well that’s cool, the commute is a lot easier.


On a happier note, I have been taking some great images for the book I have to make for my photography class. And my “Alternative Processes: Hand-coloring Photographs” class was great! Add another technique to my arsenal.


On a decidedly unhappier note, RIP Nina Janis.
And a speeding cancer-free recovery to my dear friend Lisa!
Yesterday kinda sucked.


Winter break

January 24, 2011

What do ya mean where the hell have I been? We were on a break! And now we’re back. The spring semester started today. In addition to taking another photography class and lab, I’m taking  a “real” class: Russian History! Okay, all my previous classes where “real” too. What I mean is that I’m trying […]

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I can’t take the pressure!!

September 30, 2010

Well, that blood pressure medicine I was taking finally kicked in on Tuesday and it was not good. My blood pressure was low. Way low. Passing out now low. So a quick call to the doctor’s office and that experiment is done. No more Norvasc for me. Two days later I’m starting to feel normal […]

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