Somehow I missed writing a post in November. Man. I don’t even remember November.
There was turkey right?

Well let’s see if I can remember December so far…

  • I made it to the opening reception of the “Make Your Own Kind of Music” at The Temp. A miracle as I was fighting a migraine while viewing my migraine painting. So very meta.

metaMigraine             The show is up through this weekend. Check it out!

  • Got our #kickassxmastree and decked the halls, plus 90% of shopping done.

Photo Dec 08, 3 48 42 PM

  • Erin lost 2 more teeth.
  • Rats ate my car!
  • My semester ended. I got an A. Printmaking B next term!


  • Went to San Mateo last weekend with Kyle for the final Power League tournament. They came in 8th in the Gold Division. Not too shabby. And again ended higher than the 17-1s team so yay!

Photo Dec 15, 9 44 52 AM

  • Missed Second Saturday, but sold one of my pieces at the Art Under 100 Bucks show at BodyTribe! Still 2 very affordable prints available. ::wink wink nudge nudge::


  • While we were out of town, Erin got sick. Fever for 2 days and ended up in Urgent Care Sunday night. Diagnosis: flu.

Photo Dec 15, 7 40 24 PM

  • Kyle and I got home and then turned right around and got flu shots. joy and soreness.
  • Erin is out of school for 4 days and also has an ear infection! poor thing is sick sick sick.

Photo Dec 16, 6 36 31 PM

  • Finished and mailed xmas cards.
  • And today, finally got around to making some art! man, I am rusty.

So. Yeah. December has been all that and then some. And next week is Christmas!!

ho ho ho





I’ve been sick, sick, and more sick. For weeks now. I see no end to this.

Erin got sick and then better. Chris got sick and got better even faster. Kyle never gets sick. I am going to be sick for the rest of my life.

So it goes.

I’ve missed 2 weeks of school. Which means I am no longing taking the Illustration class. I still hadn’t gotten the paperwork in to add it and after missing 3 classes there is no point. Maybe I’ll try again next semester. Maybe. I’m okay in Photography because I was ahead of the game when I got sick. So if I ever get back to class, I have work ready to start making Van Dyke prints.

I have a fever, a hacking cough, and have even taken naps. Bring on the other Horsemen.

While we wait, here are a couple videos of the kids. Don’t  tell CPS.

Erin vs the Atomic Warheads Extreme Sour

Hey Kyle, why does it feel so good to have sore muscles massaged?


Okay, by now you should know that Erin started preschool this week. She seems to be enjoying it, but hasn’t gotten the hang of actually going to sleep during nap time yet. I’m sure you can imagine the fun I’m having trying to get an overly tired toddler ready for school each morning. Yeah. good times.

Now before we could even officially enroll her, they asked that I come in and spend half a day with her, which I did last Wednesday. I hung out, on a tiny little chair, all morning. Calming her when she was upset and nudging her back to her chair when she tried to roam off and do her own thing. Yeah, that was fun too. This whole preschool thing is obviously trying to kill me.

And you may think I’m speaking figuratively, but I’m not. And here’s why. I left class this morning feeling a little blah. Chalked it up to getting assigned a crap enlarger and not getting my photogram done. By the time I got home I was trying to remember if I had actually ingested some developer because I was really starting to feel strange. In a not good, have I been poisoned? way. I dismissed that as silly and ate my lunch. Then I had 2 hours before my doctors appointment at 2 and then my session with Evil Trainer Adam at 3*. Instead of hopping on the computer and trying to get some work done, I sat in my chair and read. I figured what the hell, I’ve been busy all week I’ll just take it easy what with being poisoned and all. Plus I’m near the end of my book and it’s getting exciting.

Before I left for the doctors, I changed into gym clothes and popped a couple Advil because my head was starting to hurt. Now my doctors appointment was just to get my prescription refilled – totally routine. I’m weighed and then the nurse takes my temperature. And I have a fever. huh. And the longer I sit on the exam table waiting for the doctor, the clammier and dizzier I feel. Interesting. I start to think about who wanted me outta the picture and had access to my water bottle… hmm, paranoid much?

So I’m telling the dr. how I’m feeling and my recent headache history when the subject of Erin staring preschool comes up. Aha, rooms full of 3 foot tall walking talking petri-dishes of doom. And then I mention my half day spent at preschool and TA-DA! 5 days to incubate and here I am – sick.

damn. I’m going to take a nap.

Doctor's note

* I got a doctor's note for Evil Trainer Adam. No squats today!!


Cold Coding

May 24, 2010

in web design

or coding with a cold. Either way – don’t do it.

Early last week Erin got sick and spent a night throwing up. It was … unpleasant. She had a slight fever the next day and then was fine. Of course, the following day Chris went down. He tried to drag me down with him, but I managed to stay out of the range of “deathly-ill, can’t get out of bed, must sleep more” and just hung out in the “Land of Feeling Like Crap and Fighting a Migraine” all weekend. I don’t recommend that place, the service sucks and the towels are really scratchy.

Anyways, the weekend was a slug-fest with Chris and I just lying around while the whirling dervish that we call Erin made a huge mess all around us. I basically spent 3 days just hanging out in my chair with the laptop keeping me warm. And since I had a bit of a break from Sweet Blog design work, I decided to finish up the work on my own design portfolio site and the photo-blog I created last Dec.

And apparently I was a bit sicker than I thought, because things were much more difficult than they should have been. I spent Friday trying – unsuccessfully I might add – to figure out how to add links to a WordPress theme. Links! What theme doesn’t allow links?! Could not get that stupid theme to work the way I wanted! So I moved on to other themes. That I couldn’t seem to get to work right either. weird. Of course I woke up Saturday morning and had a huge “DUH!” moment, climbed under the warmth of the laptop and viola! Links.

I moved on to the photo-blog. Now I thought this one was ready to go a week or so ago. I had a theme that I had customized to my liking, and had already spent quite some time hacking the files to add a navigation menu. What kind of theme doesn’t have a nav menu?! But like I said, I had added one and everything looked good. Then I tried to add a post with some text, not just a photo, and that’s when things got ugly. The formatting was all effed up. And this is where I came in on Saturday. Well, I can fix this. No I can’t. After much flailing around in the files, I decided to re-install the theme. Without making a copy first! oh what a rookie mistake. Lost everything. It wasn’t hard to recreate the styling changes, but the nav bar… ugh. After working on it for more endless hours, I still wasn’t happy with the formatting and decided to go another route. I would use the Thesis theme and design it to look like the photo-blog I originally had. Brilliant. And by this time it was Sunday and my head was much clearer. This was working. I even learned how to add a 4 column widget-ready footer to Thesis. Bitchin’.

and then when I was almost finished, just adding a few more little css tweaks… ::POOF:: all my custom code was deleted! everything but the line I had just added… gone. No backup. I took a couple deep breaths and started again. Again. And let me tell you, by this time I had that code dialed. I started from the top of the page and moved down div by div, copying and saving every few steps. And I was done in no time. And let me tell you – that is some lean, clean, code baby!

Check it out – Slamdance Photography.

wow. That kinda went on for awhile eh? Guess I’ll save those deranged princesses for next time. Something to look forward to.



February 19, 2009

I have a cold. Or the flu. Possibly a random plague. I blame Julie. She cursed me – a pox upon my house no less! Sure, sure, she promptly lifted the curse, but obviously not fast enough. Because a couple weeks ago Kyle got sick. And Kyle never gets sick! And then while we were […]

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Event Horizon

January 31, 2009

The call from the vet was not good news. Bodhi’s kidney levels were through the roof. Apparently she had been sick for some time and was suffering renal failure. It was just a matter of time. So we said our goodbyes, and I took her back to the vet’s yesterday afternoon. What a heart-breaking day. […]

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