Move along, nothing to see here

January 29, 2009

Typically, the day after a migraine-induced post that is barely lucid, I like to follow-up right away with something light, sunny, and well – sane. Push the ramblings of a lunatic down the page some on the off chance that a new reader might stop by. Hey, it could happen! Leave a girl her dreams […]

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Death Chicken ’08 Tour

December 30, 2008

1 ½ days left of 2008 and I’ve got to tell you, I can’t wait for this year to end. You may not have noticed, but it became painfully obvious to me earlier this month, that 2008 has been trying to kill me! Seriously. This has been the unhealthiest year of my life. It all […]

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Stop Making Sense

October 19, 2008

Welcome to day 6 of my headache. I thought I was feeling well enough to finally type out some of the mad thoughts bouncing around in my head. Because whenever there is a lull in the migraine pain, my brain always perks right up thinking it time to get busy! Doesn’t care if its 2 […]

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Busy. Please call again.

June 4, 2008

Remember way back when… when I thought I didn’t need a day-timer? When I scoffed at Chris’s suggestion – thinking I could never be that busy that I wouldn’t remember my one, maybe two, appointments per quarter? When I felt it completely unnecessary to feign being that organized? Well. I apologize. If I could go […]

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