crap. We still have 2 more weeks of May. Each month I hope our stress levels are gonna drop back down to “normal”. It hasn’t happened yet. My fear is that this is the new normal; a crisis a day. And that would suck. My adrenal glands need a freaking break here!

Kyle sprained his ankle at volleyball practice on April 30th – the day we closed on the new house. Instead of celebrating, I spent the evening with him in Urgent Care. So April went out with the combo good news/bad news emotional slaps upside the head that life is now dealing us on a regular basis. May has been much of the same. All good things must be offset with an equally bad thing. There is a Buddhist lesson in all this about walking the middle path, but my balance is totally shot. So it goes.

2 days later I got 31 injections of botox in my head, neck, and shoulders to help with my migraines. It hurt. I can’t move my forehead. I was in constant pain for over a week. I had migraines. Last week I  finally started to feel “better”, but I don’t think I can do that again. Let alone every 3 months! We’ll have to see how the migraines play out over the next 2 months. I am not optimistic. So it goes.

Last week the buyers closed on our house and we are now renting back until the end of the month. (I should insert a ::happy dance:: here but ugh… I’d probably break a hip) Packing is happening. Logistics for the move have been coordinated. So everything is moving along. ha! Of course last week we got a call from the tenants at the new house about a leaking balance tank on the hot water heater. Quick call to a plumber to get that fixed. ka-ching. So it goes.

Kyle’s ankle is on the mend and after a couple days of scrambling for doctor appts,  fights about splints and crutches, and tears (mine of course), he was released to play last Friday. Just in time to finish up the Section  championships this week and then hopefully on to NorCal’s next week. I hope they can take it all the way! I haven’t even seen one game this season. So it goes.

This weekend there was nothing on our calendars. Nothing. That was surreal. Our heart rates dropped. Coffee was drank in leisure and not chugged as we ran out the door to put out another fire. So we took a run to Ikea to buy new desks and spent the rest of the time packing and catching up on all the things. We were in the home stretch yesterday evening and trying to figure out what to have for dinner when the neighbor’s dog jumped on Erin and scratched her back pretty bad. Back to Urgent Care with another huge adrenaline spike. Erin is fine. No stitches thank goodness, but still… we all could have done without that scare. So now I’m thinking forget the dishes, I’m gonna wrap my family in all that bubble-wrap and wait for June. I am the only one who hasn’t been to that Urgent Care this year. So it goes.

But like I said, May ain’t over yet and this week we are back to busy. A couple volleyball play-off games and this Thursday is Big Names Small Art at the Crocker!! Something awesome indeed. And this is the last week of my Printmaking class. It is kinda of amazing that through all that has been going on these last 3 1/2 months, I have ended up with a really nice portfolio of work to turn in. So it goes.

And I’m almost afraid to mention that my woodcut “Split” was accepted into this year’s California State Fair Fine Art Exhibit!


::taps out::




Apparently people have noticed the lack of inane chatter coming from my direction. The always lovely Julie T actually called me yesterday morning to check up on me! Too much quiet broken only by vague tweets and cryptic Facebook updates had her worried.

We then proceeded to natter on about the current financial crisis; concluding with the obvious need to exhume Milton Friedman and beat him about his rotting head and shoulders with copies of the $700 billion dollar bail-out package.

Oh yes, I can paint a pretty picture.

But I don’t want to get into that here. It is affecting my little family in a very direct way and the past couple weeks have been stressful to say the least. So between all that and being busy with school and kids, I just haven’t had much to say. I also wonder if my new medication (trying the preventative thing for the migraines) contributes to the quiet. It hasn’t really stopped the headaches yet but it’s only been 10 days. So we’ll just give it some time.

Still struggling with Kyle and his homework. Is it really that hard to put your name on a paper? Really? But he hit a beautiful double out to right field during his game last Wednesday. That was cool. And Erin is a crazy baby. She started spinning in circles yesterday. Thankfully it was her whole person spinning around and not just her head! I wonder about those 2 sometimes. I’ll try and get a new video up over the weekend.

And my Web Programming class has taken a turn to the hard. No more HTML/CSS here is how to make the given content pretty. Oh no, lets move on to some actually programming! With JavaScript we can make things happen! Like causing my brain to actually have to think. Damn, I remember that unpleasant feeling. And what is that smell?!! Of course, been-there-done-that Chris snickers from the side-lines.

My office building is filled with toxic fumes. I came home from class last night and WaMu was gone. I think that covers everything.