Somehow I missed writing a post in November. Man. I don’t even remember November.
There was turkey right?

Well let’s see if I can remember December so far…

  • I made it to the opening reception of the “Make Your Own Kind of Music” at The Temp. A miracle as I was fighting a migraine while viewing my migraine painting. So very meta.

metaMigraine             The show is up through this weekend. Check it out!

  • Got our #kickassxmastree and decked the halls, plus 90% of shopping done.

Photo Dec 08, 3 48 42 PM

  • Erin lost 2 more teeth.
  • Rats ate my car!
  • My semester ended. I got an A. Printmaking B next term!


  • Went to San Mateo last weekend with Kyle for the final Power League tournament. They came in 8th in the Gold Division. Not too shabby. And again ended higher than the 17-1s team so yay!

Photo Dec 15, 9 44 52 AM

  • Missed Second Saturday, but sold one of my pieces at the Art Under 100 Bucks show at BodyTribe! Still 2 very affordable prints available. ::wink wink nudge nudge::


  • While we were out of town, Erin got sick. Fever for 2 days and ended up in Urgent Care Sunday night. Diagnosis: flu.

Photo Dec 15, 7 40 24 PM

  • Kyle and I got home and then turned right around and got flu shots. joy and soreness.
  • Erin is out of school for 4 days and also has an ear infection! poor thing is sick sick sick.

Photo Dec 16, 6 36 31 PM

  • Finished and mailed xmas cards.
  • And today, finally got around to making some art! man, I am rusty.

So. Yeah. December has been all that and then some. And next week is Christmas!!

ho ho ho





hells bells

How did that happen?! I swear I was still writing August on things when suddenly it was October! What even happened in September?!

::consults Facebook wall::

oh. right. September was full of crazy – good and bad – and it flew by. Everyone was back in school – here is photo proof:



And then there was the headache week from hell that ended with me getting shots in my butt on Day 6. Day 6!! damn. But to spin a positive from all that pain, I did create a couple more pieces of ‘migraine’ art.

A Day 4 painting:


And a Day 6 photo became a drypoint that I’m still working on:


Of course that was the end of my 29Faces run. That week really wiped me out!

The next weekend had me and Kyle in San Mateo for the 2-day tournament that starts the fall volleyball season. Always fun. And then Ericfish and John came to visit! And that was more fun! And then, just like that, is was October. so yeah. September was a blur and it’s already the 11th! The Halloween decorations have been up for over a week, and its time to think costumes. Someone wants to be a bat.*


* with over 2 weeks to go, this will most likely change.  I think she should goes as Pig-Pen. 1st grade Erin is the dirtiest Erin yet. And did you hear her snort?




Lucky 7

July 11, 2013

in Ya gotta have art!

Wow. I had been managing a post a month so far this year – even 2 in February! And then I missed June. On so many levels. June was all about the volleyball. In fact, I was at a volleyball tournament in Reno (Jr Nationals – boy got a Silver Medal!!) when June became July!

So now it is July 11th and the club volleyball season is over. I’ve managed to sleep in my bed 3 nights in a row and I’ve been to the grocery store. Life is slowing getting back to normal. Too damn hot, but that’s normal too.

I didn’t gamble while in Reno, but maybe I should have. 7 is my lucky number. And July is again turning out to be a great month for art! I have 2 pieces in the State Fair Fine Art Exhibit – and my photography entry won an Award of Excellence!! I have a one of my new photos up at Viewpoint Gallery for the annual Member’s Show. Then last weekend, while recovering from Reno in Santa Cruz, I was invited to be participate in the 7×7: Seven Pieces by Seven Female Artists show at BodyTribe this month!

So I went and created a new series of  mixed-media paintings on paper for the show!

… … … … … … … … … … … .

If you want to see the other 4 you’ll need to come on down to BodyTribe Fitness on Saturday night. And don’t forget there are 6 more talented artists to check out! More show details can be found on my website.

So yeah, lots of art being made and lots of art to go see. What else… Oh! Erin lost her first tooth! 4 were/are loose – I’m pretty sure they are hanging on by sheer will on her part. And no, I don’t have a picture. She shut me down big time.  But here is pic of Kyle and Dre with their silver medals!

Reno was kinda awesome. :)

Hey are you on instagram? If so, follow me there (dawnblanchfield) for all the fun pics! I just posted a pic of Olympic Volleyball butt! (Mens of course! )



My semester is over this week. 2 days of critiques and them I am done until fall. Free to focus on painting, volleyball tournaments, and swim lessons!

Speaking of painting, I haven’t gotten to do much these past couple weeks as I’ve been  finishing up the  triptychs for class. But I am still in Mindy’s year-long True Free Spirit class, starting a week-long Gelli Print class today with Carla Sonheim, and wish wish wish I could take this class with Mindy and Alena Hennessey.

But before I go clicking any more ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, let’s go back to that second sentence up there. Volleyball tournaments. Yes, plural tournaments. In fact there are 3!! June 13-17 has Kyle and I in Anaheim for the SCVA Jr. Boys Classic. Then 2 weeks later we go to Reno for USAV Junior National Championships (also known as the Junior Olympics!) And that is the end of the NCVC club season. But Kyle went and got himself a position on the NCVA High Performance team and is going to Ft Lauderdale at the end of July for the USA Volleyball High Performance Championship. USA Volleyball!  And just so you know what that is all about, from the NCVA website:

Region High Performance Programs are the local branches of the USAV National High Performance Pipeline. The goals of Region Programs are the same as the National HP Program: to build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our U.S. Olympic Teams and provide player developmentthrough training, evaluation, and competition opportunities. Region HP Programs are another way that USA Volleyball discovers and trains our future Olympians, working to continue our presence on the medal stand.

So yeah, kinda a big deal! And as much as I would love to watch Kyle playing against international teams (last years team came in 2nd to Cuba!), I will not be going to Florida with him. We’re gonna put him on a plane and then let the team chaperones take over. This summers volleyball is really putting a dent in my art class/supplies/saving for a Mom-erati piggy bank!

Oh wait! Before we start gearing up for all the club events, Kyle’s school team is still playing. They won the CIF Sections last week and tomorrow night is the quarter-finals of NORCALS! I have been assured that even if they take the whole thing, it will all be over on Saturday. I have my doubts that it will ever end…

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