Hell’s bells.

I am avoiding something.

I think it might be something big.

And probably ugly.

Yesterday I spent the day playing video games after a long break. Today I am giving my website a complete make-over. I typically clean when I am in avoidance mode, so this is atypical and disturbing behavior. I’m dealing with code for fuck sake! And yes, I am positive there will be more swearing.

I think I am supposed to be writing. I started something a couple months ago and then let it fall to the side. It’s going to be another brain-fuck so I’m guessing that is the hesitation to pick it back up. I do not want a repeat of the mental state I found myself in last year at this time. It took me well into the summer to recover. And yes, I’m being a bit vague because I never did talk about any of that on this site. In a nut shell: a research paper on adoption for an english class coupled with the stress of getting Kyle graduated and into college broke my brain. But I think I really need to get this family stuff out of my head and onto paper (can’t afford a shrink right now) as I find myself over-sharing with random strangers.

hi. let me tell you about my fucked up family history.


So. Go check out the new shiny zoot suit I put on my website! And the previously named “Freeway Project”? It’s still progressing but at a glacial pace. This semester’s Fiber Arts class is giving my a lot of ideas as to how to deal with the sculptural elements of the project. In the meantime, Erin and I are weaving.














So, this here blog? elfini? It’s all Julie Tilsner’s fault.  4 years ago she said “Hey Dawn, you should start a blog!” And when Julie says “Jump”, I say “Fine… if you insist. But I’m not going to enjoy it.” And I think we all know how well this turned out.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Julie finally said “Hey Dawn, you should redesign my blog!” And I jumped up and down, said yes, and insisted she bail on the evil Typepad and migrate to WordPress.

And a word of advice here – do not get me started on Typepad and the Six Apart world. The seething raging hate!!

Luckily Julie bent to my will and is now happily hosting Bad Home Cooking on a spiffy new WordPress installation. And it looks something like this:

Now click the pretty picture and bask in the glory of the new and improved Bad Home Cooking! Same old funny wrapped in a shiny new package.


Cold Coding Part Two

June 16, 2010

in web design

This time with less cold.

I’m like the house painter who’s own house never gets painted. My website is a mess. I’ve started more blogs and everything is all over the place. It was finally time to do something about it. So coming off the success (haha) of the photo blog, I’ve been attempting a custom Thesis design for the DB Designs Services site. I’ve been creating multiple feature boxes and mastering WordPress hooks – or at least attempting to.

It’s funny how I work. When downstairs and on the laptop, I have been been working on the thesis design. When I’m upstairs on my computer, I edit photos and work in Photoshop/Dreamweaver. And I just move back and forth between the two machines and the 2 projects. So, while upstairs yesterday I started designing a new home page for my website. A landing page to connect all my various sites. And BEHOLD! the new and improved

Pretty spiffy eh? Next on the chopping block – a complete rebuild of my photography portfolio.  This time around there will be no flash. No flash!

Hey that reminds me, I need to make a cape for a certain someone’s <cough>Paul!</cough> upcoming birthday. Who has a bedazzler I can borrow?!


Pretty vacant

September 10, 2009

in Photography, web design

No need to be so smug about it

As you know, I’ve been working on the HS Tourney website for the last couple months. Well, last week I had finally gotten it to a state of ‘almost done’. The Add and Search functions were working. The forums were almost there. It was getting close. And Chris was getting antsy. By Thursday he was really pushing me to get the site up. Telling me not to worry about it being perfect. Ha! easy for him to say! So, when I should have been packing on Friday, I was moving the site from my local server to the hosting server. And the site is now (a)live and kicking! Check it out –  There are still a few things to tweak and pictures to add, but Bob is happy and coaches across the land have begun to add tournaments. And Chris was of course right – getting it pushed up before the long weekend allowed me to relax and enjoy the weekend. Damn it.

Only dead fish go with the flow

That was painted on a sidewalk on the University of Michigan campus when I attended x number of years ago. Well this week I embraced my inner-dead fish.

Tuesday night I drove downtown to the Urban Hive bldg with 8 framed prints in my car and visions of level loveliness dancing in my head. It was time to hang the Vox show! 6 of my photos are identically sized, matted and framed. They look fantastic and I pictured them all lined up in a nice tidy row on a large wall. Well, that’s not quite how things ended up. By the time I arrived, several prime hanging locations were already claimed. But I managed to get the long outside brick wall. Score! The photos would look great against the dark red bricks. The only problem was that the building owner has put a moratorium on anyone adding any more nails to the brick wall. You have to use whatever nails are already there. I understand the reasoning behind the decision, but… the nails that are currently in the wall? Not so evenly placed and nowhere near level. My pictures rose up and down like they were bouncing over random speed bumps. And the light kind of falls off at the left end of the wall. So, I moved frame #6 and the 2 extra images I brought to another section of the brick wall with one frame hanging about a foot lower than is reasonable. Ok. That was not how I envisioned things. I considered my options. I could deal with it or move everything to an interior wall in back. I chose to kiss that dead fish right on the mouth.  The photos still looked great – I decided they looked like they were riding a gentle wave. Lawrence said they reminded him of music. Suddenly I was totally at peace with things. And done. Which meant I was free to spend the rest of the evening help others. Sweet. The show is going to be awesome! And the Artist Reception is tomorrow night! Now the big question is – what am I going to wear?!

And hey, you would think that my brain would be a tranquil oasis now that the site is up and the show is hung. Wrong. The next-in-line panic item just moved right on into that recently vacated spot at the front of my brain. Next up – teaching yoga Monday night!

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Look! Up in the sky!

August 3, 2009

Yeah, Superman would be cool. So would a flying pig. This isn’t either of those. It is the much anticipated site re-design for Dawn Blanchfield Photography! Yes, the rumors are true. Go to and see for yourself. And then promptly come back here and tell me what you think. And if you’re running Internet […]

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Toes intact. Dreams shattered.

August 2, 2009

Hmm. I should probably explain that last post. But I’m busy trying to save this screwed up weekend by working on my website. I’ve almost got it done. I’m building the gallery pages now.  Once those are finished and properly linked up, I just need to write the About page. Joy. Almost as painful to […]

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